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Bujara, Sisarma Road, Fateh Garh, Udaipur, Rajasthan- 313001.
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Experience Renaissance in Rajasthan with Fateh Collection

Nestled in the best locations across Rajasthan, Fateh Collection is a boutique hotel chain that breaks away from the norm, to provide guests with an unforgettable experience of the rich customs and culture of this enchanting state.

At Fateh Collection we believe in a strong sense of aesthetic that derives itself from purity and minimalism, yet celebrating the basic ethos of our legacy. Early pioneers in the art of heritage renaissance, we work on transplanting existing heritage structures and recreating the magic of a bygone era into our own properties, allowing our guests to experience the best of both worlds – the old with the new.

As strong believers in sustainability and eco-friendly practices, we source our produce, man power and energy from the most environment-conscious channels. If you are enjoying the vistas of the Aravalli Range from the edge of the Fateh Safari Resort in Kumbhalgarh or relaxing in the infinity pools of Fatehgarh Udaipur, you can rest assured that all efforts have been made to make your stay as unobtrusive to your natural surroundings as possible.

Conceptualised, owned and operated by the Kelwa family, Fateh Collection embodies the principles of its founders – be it our collection of vintage automobiles, touches of equestrian life spread across our hotels or the flourishes of art and antiquities you can experience throughout.

As of June 2023, all our hotels in Udaipur (Fateh Garh, Fateh Niwas, Fateh Vilas and Ram Pratap Palace) have achieved a remarkable feat by securing positions in the top 10 Trip Advisor Ratings amongst the 631 hotels in Udaipur. In addition, Fateh Safari Resort and Fateh Safari Suites are in the top 5 hotels and resorts among the 36 hotels in Kumbhalgarh.
This outstanding achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences to our guests.

Our Properties

A Regal Stay in Rajasthan

The signature characteristic of our hotels and resorts in Rajasthan is the architectural style and elegance they emanate. Designed to exude rustic vibes, the layout of Fateh Collections hotels adhere to the traditional norms that were maintained to build forts and palaces. These hotels deliver old-school charm combined with contemporary facilities. Our accommodations boast quirky yet minimalist and classy interiors, graced with intricate furnishings. The untampered natural surroundings elevate your experience, making it more authentic by bringing you closer to nature.

At Fateh Collection

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Weddings & Events

The properties under Fateh Collection are well-equipped to host a variety of formal and informal events and grand weddings. We have decadent banquet halls and well-appointed boardrooms across Rajasthan to accommodate your requests and make your events memorable. Our hotels offer attractive destinations to host elegant weddings.

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Activities & Experiences

Our properties uphold the heritage of Rajasthan through the unique architecture resembling palaces and forts. Amid the scenic brilliance, our heritage hotels offer a plethora of fun-filled activities for guests to make indelible memories. From jeep safaris to zip-lining, Fateh Collection ensures you get to spend quality time with your loved ones!


Widely known for its boutique heritage hotels, Fateh Collection has built a name for itself! Its vintage-like aura and presence felt during a stay at its beautifully designed rooms have landed it recognition at different platforms. It has successfully earned its fame in different mediums.