Fateh Garh - boutique hotel in Udaipur 2


Q. Where is the hotel located exactly?
A. The hotel is on top of a hill amongst the Aravali ranges on the western edge of Udaipur city. The city centre is 7 kms away, airport is 30 kms and the railway station is 12 kms.

Q. What do you have in the vicinity of the Hotel?
A. Hotel Fateh Garh is built in natural surroundings with 25 acre’s of land and the closest neighbour being a village 15 mins walk away.

Q. Does the hotel have a tipping policy?
A. Yes for guest convenience we have a policy of centralised tipping at the time of check-out. All staff members are instructed not to receive tips directly to save guest from inconvenience.

Q. Is the Fateh Garh handicap friendly and is it suitable of the elderly?
A. Being located on a hillside, Fateh Garh does have different levels which means climbing stairs. We have taken care to provide a separate access for wheelchairs and elderly people who may not wish to climb stairs. This separate access ensures that guests do not have to climb stairs. We also have provided an elevator to access the major areas of the hotel.

Q. Is Fateh Garh a 5 star hotel in Udaipur?
A. No, Fateh Garh is not a five star hotel. Fateh Garh is Heritage Renaissance Resort in Udaipur which is deeply committed to being ethical, sustainable and responsible.

Q. What kind of service style do you have?
A. At Fateh Garh we have employed about 75 % of our staff from the villages close by and the rest of the staff is from hotel background. In our endeavour to be sustainable we insist on employing staff locally and train them to ensure that they make your stay a memorable one.

Q. What activities are on offer at the hotel?
A. At Fateh Garh the guest can take a Jeep Safari into the village close by where they take a small walk and interact with the villagers. This is an ideal experience to witness a near medieval life-style. For children we have a number of board games like carom, monopoly, scrabble etc.. which are available on request.