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A Dream Wedding in Udaipur at Fateh Garh

Weddings are one of the most iconic, life-changing moments in anyone's life. It is the beginning of a new chapter that you set foot in with your soulmate! To help you cherish the day and start the new journey, Fateh Garh promises one of the perfect wedding venues in Udaipur! Our boutique hotel offers a competent and benevolent staff that caters to your every need and handcraft the perfect, dream wedding ceremony.

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All our properties are built in a heritage style and have their own uniqueness.

Fateh Garh is a Heritage renaissance property and a wedding hotel in Udaipur, overlooking the Udaipur city, spread out on 60 acres of land. We are a sustainable, ethical and responsible luxury heritage renaissance property. There are 48 rooms situated on 7 different levels with 2 swimming pools along with private terrace and lawns. There are 3 venues in the property, which we use: - Jai Bagh located on the lowest level of the property can accommodate around 225 Pax and can be used for Gala dinners or stage events. Jai Bagh is divided into 2 levels, the upper level is with a swimming pool and lawn where gala dinner can be organised in a beautiful setting, whereas the lower level is open terrace where a stage can be set up for functions. Baradari is at the top level in the property where we can accommodate approx 400 pax. It is an open terrace with an infinity swimming pool and a glass restaurant. We also have a conference hall where we can accommodate around 150 pax. We serve multi-cuisine food in both our restaurants.

 VenueFloating StyleRound Table SettingDimensionArea
Baradari Terrace50025040m/ 21m9147ft/ 2772m
Sun Set Terrace300235m/ 57m6555ft/ 1986m
Jai Bagh Upper Terrace15010023m/ 25m6000ft/ 1818m
Jai Bagh Lower Terrace15010021m/ 15m | 6m/ 9m3960ft/ 1200m
Janana Courtyard & Lounge200-16m/15m2700ft/818m

Organise Memorable Events at Our Venues in Udaipur

Our conference hall, spread across an area of 1279 sq. ft., offers splendid spaces and banqueting facilities to conduct events. The conference hall in Udaipur comes with lavish decorations and amenities like internet access, audio-visual equipment and projectors.

The boardroom in Udaipur at Fateh Garh spans over an area of 808 sq. ft., and offers grand spaces for business travellers to conduct meetings and conferences with ease. All the primary banqueting amenities like high-speed internet access are available so that our guests can host presentations and organise meetings without any glitches.

Venue TheatreU-shapedClusterClassroomBoardroom
Conference Hall10045608030

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