Vintage car rides at Fateh Garh

About Fateh Garh

Hotel Fateh Garh, one of the best boutique hotels in Udaipur, belongs to the Heritage Renaissance School of the building. Heritage Renaissance – a term used to describe the laborious transplanting of the stone by stone, pillar by pillar of a heritage structure from a place not very far away to a new context – fresh and exciting; is truly an innovative creative expression in the dynamic world of travel and tourism. Everything at our Hotel in Udaipur is indeed a Heritage Hotel aka Heritage Palace and has been conceptualized, designed, and executed to revitalize the environmental – cultural – spiritual heritage of the past.

The Kelwa family, our hosts residing within the heritage resort – sanctuary, deeply committed to an empowered and sustainable world; alongside offering charming and warm hospitality, also, would like to share with the guest, the local rural development initiatives underway.

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Hotel Fateh Garh a Heritage Renaissance Resort - Sanctuary, perched on the edge of Udaipur city in the Aravalli ranges, with 360° commanding views, welcomes guests with style.



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Our Goal

Hotel Fateh Garh is dedicatedly helping to protect our planet since day one. It is built on a low technology platform using recycled wood and stone material. The Heritage Garh is literally hand built with minimum machine.


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Indigenous Products

At Hotel Fateh Garh we have consciously decided to use indigenous products, to show case to visiting guest's the uniqueness of the region. It is built using indigenous material, which is most suited for the region.