Fateh Garh 3

Indigenous Products

At our heritage hotel in Udaipur, Fateh Garh, we have consciously decided to use indigenous products, to showcase to visiting guests the uniqueness of the region. It is built using indigenous material, which is most suited for the region such as locally available stone + marble, wood + fabrics. We also employ people from the nearby village to provide guests with a glimpse of our customs + culture and get familiar with the Rajasthani tradition. Therefore, Hotel Fateh Garh is the best example to experience the Rajasthan Culture and Tradition also known as Rajasthan traditional hotels in Udaipur.

On the premises, we have an indigenous breed of pet dogs, cats and horses which would add to the experience of the local flavours.

The Flora and Fauna are all indigenous and on offer is a selection of the best local cuisine and beverages.

The Emphasis on being indigenous is so that guests get an authentic experience and also since everything indigenous is low–maintenance, thereby having a minimum adverse impact on the environment.