Fateh Garh 2



Hotel Fateh Garh a Heritage Renaissance Resort – Sanctuary, perched on the edge of Udaipur city in the Aravalli ranges, with 360° commanding views, welcomes guests with style and traditional fanfare in this heritage palace.

Hotel Fateh Garh, hotel in Udaipur is a 48 room property offers traveler’s a spacious, peaceful and quiet refuge from the noisy and crowded urban India.


Entrance to the Garh is through two guarded gates leading up a winding pathway to the spacious lobby. The larger than life gates are original recycled doorways and most of the wood used at Fateh Garh Palace is old recycled thereby causing no adverse impact on the environment.


Heritage Renaissance – a term used to describe the laborious transplanting of the stone by stone, pillar by pillar of a heritage structure from a place not very far away to a new location thereby conserving the rich Architectural Heritage for the generations to come. Everything at Udaipur Hotel, Fateh Garh Palace has been conceptualized, designed and executed to revitalize the environmental – cultural – spiritual heritage of the past.