Fateh Garh 5

Our Goal

Hotel Fateh Garh is a boutique hotel in Udaipur dedicatedly helping to protect our planet since day one.

It is built on a low technology platform using recycled wood and stone material. The Heritage Garh is literally hand built with minimum machine used and is among the best Boutique Hotels in Udaipur.

We have in place 48 eco- friendly practices. These are divided in 5 different categories based on the 5 elements, such as fire, wind, water, earth and space, having been harnessed to produce 50% of our energy needs from alternate non-polluting sources.

We have a windmill that takes care of the public area illumination. The solar panels for hot water generation amount for over 35% of the resorts energy needs, besides we have solar lights and solar cookers, thus harnessing the fire elements.

Fatehgarh has an extensive water harvesting in place, which works very well due to the topography of the area, with one inch of rain our water harvesting ponds collect 1/2 million liters of water.

We committed to being chemical & plastic free and we use natural products wherever possible.

The building is built on the principles of Vaastu thereby making most of the sun and wind to control the temperature and reliance on air-conditioning and heating is reduced.

We assure you that by choosing to stay in Udaipur with us you are doing your bit to help protect our planet and take home memories of this heritage palace.